The Dead Linger

The Dead Linger Gets Its Most Stable Update To Date

Sandswept Studios has released a huge update for The Dead Linger, bringing a wealth of gameplay additions and fixes as well as bug fixes to increase stability. Indeed, Sandswept is saying that The Dead Linger 'should crash substantially less than it has in previous builds. 007 is officially the most stable build to date.'

Perhaps most notably, this update includes the addition of prisons in the game world. These prisons are featured prominently in the latest trailer for Build 007, which you can watch at the bottom of this post. Other notable updates include over 70 new art assets, making the game world in The Dead Linger 'look newer, fresher, more realistic, and more beautiful than ever before.' Terrain, in general, got a lot of work with changes coming to farmland, trees, texturing and more.

Additionally, most of the world loading is now being done at the loading screen, making for a smoother experience when you first spawn in.

Other changes include:

  • Survivors can now see their first person hands, along with dozens of new animations for weapons, reloading, and more.
  • The framerate during gameplay has been drastically increased in almost all cases, and the world looks much better than ever before.
  • There is now a temporary compass in the top right of the HUD. It shows the cardinal direction you are facing (North, East, South, etc.) and your X Y location in the world, accurate to 100 meters.
  • Survivors now require backpacks for larger inventory space. Survivors start with “pockets,” by default. Pockets are a small 3×4 inventory space that can hold a very limited amount of items.
  • All knockback from weapons will now work properly. This provides a substantial change to melee combat.

Check out a video focused on Build 007 after the break and visit to read the full patch notes, there's much more going on here than we have the room to list so give it a look!

If you're interested in The Dead Linger, we can't recommend visiting The Dead Linger Wiki enough. It's an invaluable resource, officially endorsed by Sandswept Studios and has everything you need to get started in the game.

Check it out at and see you in the game!



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