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The Last of Us Releasing in May of 2013, Multiplayer Not 'Tacked On'

Naughty Dog has confirmed that The Last of Us, their upcoming third-person shooter exclusive to PlayStation 3, will be shipping on May 7th, 2013.

Alongside that announcement, the team has touched on multiplayer a ltitle bit and has released the Spike TV Video Game Awards trailer that television audiences saw over the weekend. The trailer can be viewed above, but let's talk about multiplayer a little bit. This is something that Naughty Dog has been quiet about for a long time, and that still holds, but they have spoken a little bit about it.

Naughty Dog's Community Strategist, Arne Meyer, has taken to the PlayStation Blog to talk with fans about the upcoming game as well as dispel fears that multiplayer would simply be 'tacked on' to promote sales.

"We don’t approach MP in any of our games as tacked on. And we also always have separate teams working on the different components so that we can maintain full focus on making SP and MP up to our standards...we have faith that our MP will stand on it’s own. If we felt like it would be tacked on, we wouldn’t have added it. We want all our game experiences to be of the highest quality and that’s what we work extremely hard to deliver.

MP has never taken away resources from the SP game in any of our games, always separate teams, separate resources. The folks working on the single player campaign always have the resources and support to complete that portion of the game to the vision they planned for."

As for the actual content and what shape The Last of Us multiplayer will take on, we're still left in the dark...for now. With the calendar turning over a new year (fingers crossed) in a few weeks, doubtless Naughty Dog will start revealing more and more about The Last of Us and its various game modes and nuances.

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