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Naughty Dog Details The Last of Us Special Editions

Naughty Dog has released some information on the special editions of The Last of Us, available this May 7th, 2013. To start with, the standard edition of the game will be available for $59.99, but that's no fun. We want in-game bonuses, Naughty Dog, we want collectible statues and trinkets for our desks!

Enter the Collector's Editions:

Survival Edition

The first collector's edition available is the Survival Edition and comes bundled with in-game DLC and The Art of The Last of Us, published by Dark Horse. The full contents include:

  • Full size hardcover artbook by Dark Horse - Over 170 pages
  • Steelbook edition of the game
  • The Last of Us - American Dreams #1 Comic (Variant Cover)
  • Sights and Sounds DLC pack (Voucher Download)
  • Official Game Soundtrack
  • PS3 Dynamic Theme
  • PSN Avatars: Winter Joel and Ellie
  • Naughty Dog Sticker sheet

The Survival Edition is going to be available for $79.99. The Art of The Last of Us will be available separately from Dark Horse (price at $39.99) and can be found at your local comic books store or major retailers like Barnes & Noble and

Keep reading for information on the Post-Pandemic Collector's Edition of The Last of Us!


Post Pandemic Edition

The Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us includes everything listed above in the Survival Edition, but you'll also be getting an addition DLC expansion and a 12-inch statute of Joel and Ellie that should prove to be pretty collectible as the Post-Pandemic Edition is being produced in limited quantities.

The Survival DLC Pack includes:

Multiplayer Bonuses:
 - Bonus XP
 - Melee booster
 - In-game currency
 - Customizable character items

Bonus Joel and Ellie skins available once the single player game is completed

The Post-Pandemic Edition is retailing at $149.99 and is available exclusively at Gamestop and is going to be very limited, so make sure you order today if you're interested in picking this one up.



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