The Last of Us

5 Beginner Tips & Tricks for The Last of Us

If you've spent some time playing The Last of Us on a more challenging difficulty (and have encountered your first mob of clickers), you’re probably pretty damn frustrated right now.

Now, that's understandable, but before you drop the difficulty down to easy or rage quit altogether, here are some good, general tips & tricks to help you out in The Last of Us.

#1. You're Not Playing Call of Duty


The first - and most important - tip is to remember that you are not playing a normal shooter. The Last of Us is better than any of the other crap we are used to and it requires a smarter style of gameplay.

Move cautiously and decisively. Pick your targets carefully and analyze your surroundings before rushing headlong into whatever the hell you’re up against. Nine times out of ten, simply moving a little more slowly will get you out of a tight corner.

#2. Use Listen Mode Religiously

The second tip I would give new players is to get in the habit of using Listen Mode. Unless you’re a survival purist, Listen Mode is going to be your best friend. Use Listen Mode to check your corners and to scope out rooms before you enter them to get an idea of what is waiting you on the other side.

Listen Mode is particularly effective against Clickers as they’re slow, shambling pace makes it easy to figure out where they are heading and flank them for the kill.

Also, you should never have less than 3 shivs in your inventory at any given time.

#3. Forage, Forage, Forage

Spend the time foraging for supplies and keep an eye on your inventory. When things get tough, you don’t want to spend time crafting health kits like a jerk. To start with, you look stupid and on top of that, you are a sitting duck when you’re crafting items.

Take the extra time to search drawers and cabinets because you’re going to appreciate it when you have a full supply of equipment. Don’t be afraid, either, to go off on your own. The NPCs will wait for you while you explore buildings or rooms for more supplies.

#4. Play Smarter, Not Harder

Make your shots count because ammo is incredibly scarce at times. Be smart about when you use your gun and when something like a molotov or even a sneak attack with your knife might be more beneficial.

It is incredibly frustrating to run out of ammunition in the middle of an infected attack and we had to learn this the hard way. Hopefully, you won’t have to.

#5. Bring Extra Undies and a Box of Kleenex

These are a must, because between shitting your pants in terror and crying your eyes out during cutscenes, you’re going to need ‘em.


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