If DayZ Had Dinosaurs, It Would Look Like This

DayZ is hands down one of the most popular survival games available today. If you haven't played it, the premise is simple; zombies have killed and converted most of the population and you are tasked with simply surviving in this undead-infested world. You must forage for food and supplies while fending off both zombies and hostile human survivors.

Now imagine that instead of zombies, the enemy was dinosaurs and you had to hunt them for your food. This is the core premise in The Stomping Land and it looks incredibly promising.

You are a survivor living amongst dinosaurs in the dim past, forced to hunt smaller dinosaurs for their valuable meat. The problem is that when you bring down a small dinosaur, the scent of blood attracts larger dinosaurs who aren't fussy about what they eat - including you. To counter that, players are able to forage for resources that will help them set traps and set up different strategies to successfully forage your food and survive that much longer.

Of course, you're not alone in The Stomping Land. You're also going to have to deal with fellow survivors who can easily take you down and steal your supplies. All in all, the game looks amazing and it's on Steam Greenlight right now. Make sure you give it the thumbs up on Greenlight and visit http://www.thestompingland.com/ for more information on The Stomping Land.


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