The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Gets Reanimated as a First-Person Shooter

Activision has teamed up with AMC Studios and Terminal Reality to turn AMC's popular TV show The Walking Dead into a video game of the same name. A different video game of the same name, that is.

While Telltale Games already turned the show into an excellent adventure game, Activision is taking the property into more familiar grounds as a first-person shooter. Not much has been revealed about the game, but we know that it will be based around the TV program rather than the comic book series that in turn inspired the TV show. The story in the game follows Daryl Dixon who is traveling to Atlanta with his brother Merle. The two will have to avoid or destroy any zombies they encounter along the way, apparently while managing meager resources.

The Walking Dead sure has some major potential, doesn't it? The majority of popular zombie games follow the "4 survivors in a closed map" formula, but perhaps the journey to Atlanta will bring something fresh!

Check out for a little more information on the game.


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