The War Z

Zombie MMO The War Z Entering Closed Beta on October 31st

Hammerpoint Interactive have announced that their highly-anticipated zombie survival MMO, The War Z, will be entering beta on October 31st. If you're looking to get into the testing phase a little earlier, however, Hammerpoint is giving players the option to purchase a special edition that will get you into the alpha testing phase on October 15th.

The War Z will be available with three pre-order editions, Pioneer and Survivor. If you're just looking to purchase the bog standard version of The War Z, you'll want to grab the Survivor edition. This version of the game will get you beta access starting on October 30th - just in time for Halloween, the following day. The Survivor edition of The War Z will run you $19.50 through October 20th, after which it will jump up to $29.99.

The Pioneer edition, however, is where the real fun gets started. This version will get you access to the alpha test on October 15th, a full 15 days earlier than the Survivor edition. In addition to that, you are also getting $15.00 of in-game currency, a special forum badge and one month of Stronghold server hosting. This version of the game will be available for $29.99 until October 20th, when the price will jump up to $49.99.

Finally, Legend will get you $30 of in-game currency, 6 months of Stronghold server hosting and Alpha access on October 15th. This version of The War Z is priced at $49.99 for pre-orders, going up to $49.99 later this month.

For more on The War Z, make sure you check out The War Z Wiki at We'll see you in Colorado.


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