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Check Out The War Z Wiki, Your One-Stop War Z Resource

Are you one of the many who pre-ordered the Pioneer version of The War Z?As you undoubtedly know, closed alpha testing kicked off this afternoon and we're here to keep you up to speed.  If you aren't totally familiar with The War Z, but find yourself in closed alpha testing, chances are you are running around Colorado like a zombie chicken with its head blown cut off.

If that sounds like you, we invite you to check out The War Z Wiki, our one-stop resource for everything you need to make it in Hammerpoint Interactive's zombie survival MMO. We've got sections on everything from the world map to weapons, equipment to currency and from vehicles to characters.

The War Z Wiki has been in production for some time now and with The War Z finally out in alpha test format, we are going to be stepping up content flow. This means daily updates on new weapons, equipment items, name it, we are going to be covering it on the wiki.

If you're new to The War Z, this is hands-down the best resource for the game that you will find online. Call us biased, but after you've spent a few hours browsing our content, we think you'll agree. 

Check it out at, follow along @WarZwiki on Twitter for updates on the wiki straight to your Twitter feed. Share your thoughts on The War Z Wiki in the replies!


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