The War Z

Stalking Your Prey in The War Z

Earlier this week, The War Z officially made its public debut in closed alpha testing. If you are one of those who pre-ordered the game, you'll know exactly what we're talking about with this video.

The War Z is full of the bugs and crashes you would expect from The War Z, but when you find yourself in a stable server with no game crashing to speak of, the game is incredibly fun. With such a desolate world around you, there is a certain thrill when you see another player nearby you. Surrounded by zombies and bleak emptiness, the sight of a fellow human survivor is stirring.

Should you announce yourself as friendly and try to work together? Or would it be better to just kill them outright before they know you're even there? What if they announce themselves as friendly, can you trust them?

In the video above, we show you that sometimes it's a hell of a lot more fun to just kill them with a flashlight.



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