The War Z

Latest Patch for The War Z Squashes Undead Bugs

Hammerpoint Interactive released some brand new Halloween content in The War Z, but in addition to that content update, the team also released a bugfix yesterday. The patch squashes some pesky bugs as The War Z continues on the road to beta.

Bugs eliminated in yesterday's patch include:

  • Zombies AI has been improved. They are also more dangerous now.
  • Fixed some crouch/prone issues going over objects. 
  • Fixed a bug that would make some players invisible.
  • Grass is now visible on all quality settings
  • Fixed bug with some items spawning in the air.
  • Fixed bug with changing backpack in game.

The patch had some issues rolling out but servers are online and running at capacity. Make your way to Colorado and enjoy that visible grass and lack of floating objects before you are ultimately killed and eaten by Zombies.

Happy Halloween!


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