The War Z

Hammerpoint Interactive Is Joining Us Today to Stream The War Z - [LIVE]

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Earlier this week, we attempted to stream The War Z with special guests Hammerpoint Interactive, but due to a handful of technical difficulties - not the least of which included a full server crash in the game - we ended up having to postpone the event. Well, we're happy to say that the rescheduled live stream will be going down today at 3:00PM Pacific Time.

We are going to be streaming The War Z again, but this time we're bringing Hammerpoint Interactive, the studio working on the game, along for the action. We will be exploring Colorado, looting gear and killing zombies to our hearts content.

During the stream, Hammerpoint will be answering player-submitted questions about The War Z. These can range from the current state of The War Z to future plans for content and updates. Our conversation will be entirely dictated by our readers and the stream viewers.

Do you have any pressing concerns regarding The War Z? Post your questions in the forums and we'll do our best to have Hammerpoint Interactive answer them during the stream. Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter, as we'll also be accepting questions through those outlets. The stream itself will be going down at and at the top of this page.

Are you looking for more information on The War Z before you jump into the game? Check out The War Z Wiki at, your complete resource for all things War Z related.

As always, see you in Colorado!

 Submit your questions for Hammerpoint right here!