The War Z

Join FPS General & Hammerpoint Interactive As We Stream The War Z

In just over an hour from now, we are going to be joined by Hammerpoint Interactive for some live streaming of The War Z and a little developer Q&A.

If you're unfamiliar or just getting into the genre, The War Z is a zombie survival MMO, currently in development at Hammerpoint Interactive. The game is available in closed beta right now and making rapid progress to what Hammerpoint Interactive is calling, 'Foundation Release'. Basically, Foundation Release is going to be one final iteration before the game is released in full.

In The War Z, players are tasked with surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by the undead. But it's not just zombies that players will have to watch out for, but fellow survivors as well. If you are moving about in the game world, you are under constant threat of being taken out and having whatever goods you may have on your person looted by your killer. It's a harsh world, but that's what makes games like these so much fun.

We're going to be streaming the action live from Colorado, the game world that is, and we're bringing Hammerpoint Interactive along for the action. Join us at at 3:00PM (Pacific Time) today! Check back here at FPS General, as well, where we'll have the live stream embedded for your convenience.

See you in Colorado!


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