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Former War Z Moderator Comes Clean: "Nothing in That Post Was True"

We're not one for the drama here at FPS General, but when the integrity of a developer - one that we know to be passionate and dedicated to their game - is called into question, we feel it's only right to deliver the full story.

A couple weeks back, a former War Z forum moderator took to the Internet to rage a little bit about Hammerpoint Interactive. Devin Hutchinson, alias DevinH, was recently relieved of duties on The War Z forums after his account was compromised by a malicious user. Hammerpoint allegedly made the decision to remove him from moderating after his account was breached and posts on the forum were deleted and tampered with.

This didn't bode well with Devin.

He took to 4Chan and to share his frustrations, and air what he claimed were some little-known truths about The War Z and Hammerpoint Interactive.

"Everything I stated in that post was actually a lie."

Among his allegations and statements, Devin revealed that Hammerpoint Interactive was going to halt production on The War Z completely if the game did not make them enough of a profit. If players didn't start investing in virtual currency and if new users didn't start buying the game, Hammerpoint was going to throw in the towel. You can imagine that this didn't sit well with players, some of whom have invested their hard-earned money into the game and hundreds of hours playing.

The problem? All of Devin's statements were false.

The former moderator has come out on YouTube today, completely refuting his former claims and revealing that everything he said was not true in any way, shape or form. "Everything that I stated in that post," he said. "Was actually a lie. Nothing in that post was factual or had any real backing to it. I made all of that up, and the reason being is that, at the time, I felt betrayed by the company."

Devin goes on to say that he was simply seeking revenge on Hammerpoint for what he felt was a wrong done to him. He systematically was choosing things that would be feasible enough that the community wouldn't ask questions in the hopes that they would take him at his word. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened with many members of The War Z community.

None the less, Devin has come clean now and we're glad that he has cleared the air on the matter. We firmly believe that games should be judged solely upon their merits as a game. Hearsay and drama in the community has no place in whether or not a game is worth your time, so make sure you visit places like and our own War Z news hub to see what the game is all about for yourself.

Remember stories like this before you take the word of strangers online.


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