The War Z

Improving Your Performance in The War Z: Lesson 1, Patience

I've been re-learning some really good lessons lately while playing games, ways to do better; to suck less, to die less often, to have more fun. Stuff like that. Most recently, I rediscovered one really important thing in my previous play session of The War Z.

Lesson One: Be patient.

Take your time, scan your surroundings. Take it down a notch and play smart. When you don’t play patient you can easily put yourself in situations that aren't safe, and will most likely get you killed. You’ll see what I mean soon.

I find myself running from building to building and only briefly looking out through binoculars from time to time. If you truly want to survive in the War Z, it’s smart to find yourself a nice vantage point; pay attention to where people might be coming from, read chat and sit tight for a little bit. People can spend abnormally long times in buildings picking up loot and rearranging their inventory.

Taking this just a bit further, one way to get your heart pumping is to lie in wait. Stalk your prey and find the perfect opportunity to pounce. I used the Nord Military Base as my hunting ground, its a fairly popular location simply because it’s new and everyone knows military locations can drop some pretty nice loot. I got myself a nice vantage point but with only a shotgun I had to play it safe. I simply waited for some people to get close or I ignored them. No sense in running out in the open for a chance to dying.

By playing patiently I got to set the terms for our engagement, and I chose to give them very little chance to retaliate.

There had been some chatter long before I started the recording the last clip, I cut it out simply because it would have slowed the whole thing down and would have been less interesting. There were 4 or 5 in proximity chat trying to find each other, it seemed to be two groups who had spotted one another and were searching for the other. When I saw one of the guys lead with a hammer I figured it was my chance to act.

Keep reading for a visual look on how you can learn to be more patient in The War Z, helping you ultimately take your game to the next level.

 Here is a video from that session that helped me re-discover how important it is to be patient. It shows everything I just talked about and it’s entertaining to boot.

P.S. I tried not to kill the friendly...


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