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Update: The War Z Removed From Steam

Update: The War Z has since been removed from Steam due to complaints from the community that not all of the features being listed are available. We will keep you updated as we learn more! The original story is available below.

Big news today from the Hammerpoint Interactive camp as The War Z foundation release has officially been made available on Steam! This is a step above beta testing and below final release, with a wealth of new features and tweaks.

Hammerpoint Interactive's zombie MMO already sees more than 150,000 daily players, but the Steam release is sure to increase that number exponentially. The foundation release is available now and has been described by Hammerpoint as including:

  • Entirety of world map, all areas unlocked
  • Tweaked spawn points for loot and players
  • Clan support
  • Gold Coin shop
  • More zombies

On releasing The War Z through Steam, Sergey Titov - Executive Producer at Hammerpoint - said:

“The Steam platform gives us the ability to reach a huge audience of PC gamers and working with their team has been great. Now that we’ve reached the Foundation Release milestone we will continue to work, as promised, to add features and content that will satisfy our community and keep them playing.”

Check out The War Z on Steam at, where it is currently available for $13.49 - 10% off the normal price of $14.99.

For more information on The War Z, including complete guides on the game world, weapons, zombies, characters, loot and so much more, visit The War Z Wiki at


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