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Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris Chats About Tribes: Ascend GOTY Edition

Earlier this month, Hi-Rez Studios announced a brand new one-purchase option for Tribes: Ascend. Previously, all of the content in Tribes: Ascend was available for individual purchases, allowing user to pick and choose what they wanted to equip their character with.

As the game progressed, Hi-Rez got continual feedback from the community that players wanted a single-purchase option for the game. One transaction to kit them out with everything that the game has to offer. Couple that with the game receiving numerous editorial awards and Game of the Year honors, and Hi-Rez felt that they were at the perfect place to kill two birds with one spinfusor disc; enter the Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition.

This edition comes with - oh, never mind, we'll let Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris tell you about it. After all, he was kind enough to sit down and field some Q&A questions for us this week. Check it out below!

So, Hi-Rez just announced the Game of the Year Edition for Tribes: Ascend - can you run through what exactly is included in that?

The Game of the Year edition is really two things: Number one it is our eleventh content update to Tribes: Ascend. As an update it includes 6 new maps that are free to the entire player community. Number two, this edition gives players a single purchase option for Tribes, which is pretty unusual for a free-to-play game. So, you can pay a single price and get permanent access to all the gameplay affecting items - all the classes, over 100 weapons, and all the perks for a single payment.

Ultimately, all of that content purchased individually must be much more costly to the player. Do you have a number on how much money they are actually saving with the Game of the Year Edition?

The amount saved varies quite a bit. Some players would buy an XP boost and play during double XP weekends and unlock items more quickly. And a few weeks back we cut the XP cost of all the weapons in half to speed up the unlock process for free players.

That said, we intentionally priced the single-purchase option to be a great deal compared to purchasing items individually via micro-transactions. Players can continue to enjoy the game for free and unlock purely based on time. But if you are just starting to play Tribes: Ascend today, and you want all the classes and weapons right away, you would save more than 75% by purchasing the single price Game of The Year edition.

Keep reading for the full Tribes: Ascend interview with Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris!

What was the thought process behind releasing the Game of the Year Edition?

With free-to-play games, not just Tribes but other games as well, there are always some players who say "I really like the game, but I wish there was a way to just buy it one time". We are giving players that option.

What were the development goals with the Shocklance, how did that weapon come to be? And on that same note, how much did the original Shocklance in Tribes 2 affect development of the Tribes: Ascend version?

For this major update we wanted to include one of the original Tribes franchise weapons. Players had been asking for the Shocklance and the dev team felt it would work well across many of the game modes. And yes - the team heavily referenced the Tribes 2 Shocklance for both visuals and gameplay.

I know it’s a bit premature after this weeks big announcement, but does Hi-Rez have anything they can reveal about the future for Tribes: Ascend?

The big event for this month is a North American tournament starting this week. Also, custom servers are getting a few different pre-set physics options that the community developed. In general the servers have definitely seen a population bump since the update so it is a great time to hop in and check out the new maps and content.

Big thanks to Todd Harris for taking the time to chat with us! Check out the Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition at


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