Warframe Beta Tentatively Scheduled To Begin in Fall

The team at Digital Extremes is hard at work on their upcoming free to play third-person shooter Warframe. The team that produced The Darkness II earlier this year is changing direction with Warframe, leaving the dark and psychological setting of The Darkness II for an apparently futuristic environment in Warframe.

While the team at Digital Extremes has been pretty quiet about Warframe, we've received word that the game will go into closed beta starting in the fall of this year. In an email sent out from Digital Extremes, informing us of our invitation into the closed beta, the studio hints that Warframe's beta will begin in fall. As is the case with these things, Warframe may be delayed and beta pushed back, but with a Winter release date set as their target, a fall beta seems very likely.

Warframe looks great and we trust Digital Extremes, as they haven't let us down in the past. This is new ground for the studio, but we have high hopes for Warframe. Check out https://www.playwarframe.com/, but the website is still very much a work in progress so don't expect too much in the way of game information.

Stay tuned to FPS General for more on Warframe and other great first- and third-person shooters!


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