Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Coming to PlayStation 4, Still Looks Incredible

Last night, during the big PlayStation 4 event, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs would be arriving on the next-generation console. Given how incredibly good-looking Watch Dogs is, this isn't surprising. To date, all of the footage we've seen so far has been captured from high-end PCs and while the PlayStation 4 is still quite a good distance from high-end PCs, it is definitely a step in the right direction over the current generation of consoles.

Watch Dogs looked just as amazing as it first did last year in last night's open-world gameplay preview. The sheer power that the player character has is amazing, and it seems like the opportunities are absolutely endless as to how you want to handle the situations given to you in the game. In the demo, the player gets his vigilante on by stopping a crime in the middle of the day by using his tools to analyze the risk of a crime happening to a woman on the street.

He then scans a nearby thug and his risk of perpetrating a crime clues him in to what is about to happen. Sure enough, the thug pulls a knife on the woman and our player character springs into action, drawing a weapon on him and forcing him to run for his life. An awesome chase scene ensues and ultimately culminates in our player having to run from the cops in an even more awesome chase scene.

Check out a trailer for Watch Dogs after the break!


The whole thing wraps up when the player reaches a rooftop adjacent to an overhead train track, where he uses the hacking tools at his disposal to halt the trains course. He then jumps on top of the train and allows it to continue its course, thereby eluding the police who are chasing him. In Watch Dogs everything is connected and the possibilities are endless.

This was one of our most-anticipated games of 2013 and after this open-world gameplay preview, it just went up a few rungs on that ladder.


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