Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorial - Super Bowl XLVII Edition

Represent your team from Super Bowl XLVII in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with this custom user emblem tutorial! 

Before the Ravens and the 49ers battle it out in New Orleans, you can show off your team pride on the battle fields of Call of Duty.

We chose the classic 49ers logo and for the Ravens, we decided to go with their alternate front-facing raven logo. Credit where credit is due: Vindictive Gaming was the inspiration behind this Ravens logo, although we took the design in our own direction.

We tried to keep these as simple as possible, minimizing the amount of layers we used in production. If you enjoy the video, feel free to subscribe for more Black Ops 2 content in the future and a like is always welcome.


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