Borderlands 2

BorderLands 2 Farm Spot - The Highlands Overlook

In this video, YouTube user Beausafk brings us a quick guide on how to find a coveted red chest in Borderlands 2.

As you are presumably well aware of, red chests in Borderlands 2 are the end-all, be-all of standard loot. Typically containing 2 to 4 weapons as well as some ammunition and other goodies, red chests are always a good find. Granted, you'll get better loot in chests from bosses but as far as your standard-issue loot chests go, you'll get the best loot out of red chests.

In the video above, Beau illustrates a quick (less than one minute) route to picking up another red chest. The guide is quick and easy, so if you're going hunting for some loot, make sure you check out this video to see where to find this gem.

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