Dishonored - Pendleton Brothers Speedrun

Nickoli gives us a small look at the game Dishonored through a speedrun of one of the quests in game. While this game isn't strictly an FPS title it has many projectile weapons and guns so we thought to bring you some of the best footage of Dishonored, starting with this.

Let us know what you think of the speedrun and even share your own with us if you want and always leave some ideas for future Dishonored content in the comments!

No potions at all from start to finish, rough time is 1:36 in total. (spoilers) This isn't the only way to finish this quest and even not really the right way, you miss a lot of the subplots and other parts of the quest so feel free to take your time and explore when you play, it's much more fun that way! (end spoiler)


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