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EVE Online - 15 Billion ISK Giveaway

FPS General is giving away a massive amount of in-game currency for all of you EVE Online fans - wait, EVE Online? Isn't this a shooter...didn't I click...

Okay, before you get all bent out of shape, here's the deal. We're giving away a metric buttload of EVE Online currency - known as Interstellar Kredits or, simply, ISK. This is upwards of $500USD worth of in-game currency, equating 15,000,000,000 ISK. That's 15 billion in-game dollars. Not million, but billion. Three extra 0's on the end.

If you haven't played EVE Online, winning 15 billion ISK would be a great way to get yourself started. Particularly when you remember that EVE Online has a sister game...DUST 514, the PlayStation 3-exclusive first-person shooter. DUST and EVE players can work together, with EVE Online members being able to issue contracts and bring in air support for DUST mercenaries.

On the EVE side of things, 15 billion ISK is a whole lot of air support. Check out the forum thread for details on how you can win at http://www.fpsgeneral.com/forums/battle-chatter/general-discussion/29974-eve-15-billion-isk-giveaway.

Good luck!


  • #9 ku1ture

    I have played for six years and have never enjoyed null sec, explored a wormhole, flown a Tech 3 ship or been in a large scale battle. Most of the corps i've been in never really amounted to much and mission running is all I get to do most of the time.

    I dream of building a good and well rounded corp with a player owned station in null sec and a route to empire space. We can supply other new corps with rare stuff from null sec with our supply line. Harvesting gas clouds and materials from moons and planets would be affordable with 15 BILLION Isk.

    I have a housemate who is learning to play DUST 514 and I believe there are some things I can buy that will allow a corp to orbitaly bombard targets from special coordinates supplied. How awesome is that? 15 BILLION Isk will certainly help stockpile Tactical Hybrid Ammo.

    I've learned enough from the game of what NOT to do. With the right capital invested the right way, I believe I can certainly cause a ripple effect in the sandbox.

    What could be more satisfying than that?

  • #8 cazza157

    Good luck to all!

    Spend it wisely! :D

  • #7 Gambit306

    I would love 15bil ISK but you probably shouldn't give it to me as i will probably blow it all on blink lotteries :P

    Do it anyway, i'll have fun!

  • #6 revantzeisor

    I want the !5Bil to reach enough ISK for buying my first Nyx in EVE, fit it "like a sir" and kill with it some bad guys :D

  • #5 HawkGB

    Hmmmmmm...... 15bil what would I do with it? Why do I want it?

    It's a tough one but maybe the ball should be in your court? Please explain why you shouldn't give it to me...

    After all with 15bil I could rule the world!!! Mwahahahha... 

    Ok seriously.. I'm a nice guy and it's my birthday today so what a present that would make... Honestly it really is (was... depending on when you read this) and I love playing eve..

    Hawk GB 

  • #4 TrollHunterX99

    Hay im not going to talk crap and just say. I love playing eve im on it as often as i can i have gotten some mates to join me.

    Would help me and my mates. :)

  • #3 tiloru2012

    I am living proof that gamer girls are not a MYTH, and I am pretty sure I can prove the Cake is NOT A LIE.    

  • #2 HankyMcTanky

    I would like to win 15B because I feel i can finally convince a group of my friends to play eve online for free for a while so they can grasp eve for its full potential. Their usual complaints are that they just don't think 3 weeks trial is enough to know the full game. With this money I can buy them plexes and We can all enjoy (or destroy) the universe together. There's only one way to find out ;)

  • #1 dreamerjoe

    ISK is the reason i no longer play, or lack thereof...So, I could PLAY!!! And PLAY!! And PLAY!! LOL

    And it wouldn't matter how many times some snot nosed kid came and tried to destroy my mining fleet...My corp buddies would just KILL them..cause I'd have their backs!!!

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