DUST 514

EVE Online - 15 Billion ISK Giveaway

FPS General is giving away a massive amount of in-game currency for all of you EVE Online fans - wait, EVE Online? Isn't this a shooter...didn't I click...

Okay, before you get all bent out of shape, here's the deal. We're giving away a metric buttload of EVE Online currency - known as Interstellar Kredits or, simply, ISK. This is upwards of $500USD worth of in-game currency, equating 15,000,000,000 ISK. That's 15 billion in-game dollars. Not million, but billion. Three extra 0's on the end.

If you haven't played EVE Online, winning 15 billion ISK would be a great way to get yourself started. Particularly when you remember that EVE Online has a sister game...DUST 514, the PlayStation 3-exclusive first-person shooter. DUST and EVE players can work together, with EVE Online members being able to issue contracts and bring in air support for DUST mercenaries.

On the EVE side of things, 15 billion ISK is a whole lot of air support. Check out the forum thread for details on how you can win at http://www.fpsgeneral.com/forums/battle-chatter/general-discussion/29974-eve-15-billion-isk-giveaway.

Good luck!


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