The Evolution of FPS Graphics

Witness the evolution of the first-person shooter in front of your very eyes. Uploaded by YouTube user drloser333, this video flashes through a wealth of first-person shooters starting with 1992's Wolfenstein 3D and ending with 2011-12's Battlefield 3.

The games included are:

1992 Wolfenstein 3d (id Software)
1993 Doom (id Software)

1995 Dark Forces (LucasArts)
1996 Quake (id Software)
1997 Quake 2 (id Software)
1998 Half-Life (Valve Software)
1999 Quake 3 (id Software)
2000 Project I.G.I. (Innerloop Studios)
2001 Return to Castle Wolfenstein (id Software/Grey Matter/Splash Damage)
2002 Battlefield 1942 (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment aka DICE)
2003 Deus Ex: Invisible War (Ion Storm)
2004 Doom 3 (id Software)
2005 Battlefield 2 (DICE)

2007 Crysis (Crytek)

2009 Arma 2 (Bohemia Interactive)
2010 Metro 2033 4A (Games)
2011 Battlefield 3 (DICE)


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