PlanetSide 2

Planetcast - 11/6/2012, Debut Episode


Tune in to the first ever episode of our PlanetSide 2 themed podcast, Planetcast!

James is hosting our inaugural episode, with special guests Sardus of The Republican Guard [TRG] and Cryosin from Azure Twilight. The trio discuss the current state of PlanetSide 2 as well as other topics in the PS2 community. Do you have any topics that you would like us to discuss on future episodes? 

Visit FPS General on YouTube at and share your thoughts in the comments section on the latest episode of Planetcast. We'll be sure to sort through every submission and select the best discussion points for future episodes of Planetcast.

Join us for the debut episode right here on FPS General! Be sure to visit the PlanetSide 2 Wiki at for more information on the game..


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